Play And Learn Nursery

Who We Are

Play and Learn Nursery Branch is located behind Box Park, next to City Walk. The nursery follows the EYFS curriculum through Montessori Methods and provides great indoor and outdoor facilities where children work and learn as they play.
Our staff is well qualified, always ready to meet children's needs and promote their social, cognitive and physical development. We also have appointed a qualified speech therapist who monitors children's progress and can offer specialised speech therapy support as and when necessary. Presentations and training courses are also available.

Montessori is education for life.

The Montessori approach is fully integrated over a multi-age span. It develops self-discipline and independence and encourages real life experiences for young children. It provides specific educational materials which make abstract concepts concrete,improve motor skills and manual dexterity and enhance development in all the learning areas.

It is designed to help children develop fully as individuals, not just academically, but as whole people.